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SmartClass and Google Classroom: A match made in education heaven

by Hannah Haase on

It is finally here: The SmartClass Integration for Google Classroom! So if you are an English, German, or Spanish teacher (or you know one) you need to keep reading about how you can use structured SmartClass content and activities with your students, directly from your Google Classroom account!


Google Classroom has a plethora of integrations, add-ons, and apps that work with it. But what Google Classroom doesn't have is a specific language-teaching app with amazing content.

That's where SmartClass Integration comes in.

SmartClass Integration is a simplified version of our original platform and content. It offers teachers a quick and easy way to assign interactive and engaging language learning activities directly through Google Classroom. What sets these activities apart: AI-based pronunciation and lots of speaking practice for each individual student!SmartClass Integration for Google Classroom

"Why use yet another add-on or integration in your Google Classroom?", you might ask!

Let me break down the main benefits of SmartClass Integration, that no other app, platform, or integration will offer you.

  • 4,800 structured digital activities that are ready to be assigned to your students.
  • AI-powered pronunciation practice that provides instant feedback for students.
  • 50% of activities are automatically graded and they mimic ACCESS, Seal of Biliteracy, and AP test question formats. 
  • The English activities aren't just random activities, it is a FULL curriculum, including grammar, conversations, vocabulary, readings, review, and assessment activities for beginners through advanced ELLs. 
  • The German and Spanish curricula are designed for beginner through intermediate students, focusing on listening and speaking practice.
  • CEFR, WIDA, and ACTFL alignment for all curricula.
  • 20 different activity types to keep your students engaged and motivated.
  • All curricula were created by a team of language teachers and have been checked and tested with thousands of students before!
  • You can choose if you want SmartClass to be your full curriculum, or just be used as a supplement to help with listening and speaking activities.
  • You can assign activities for individual practice at home and in the classroom
  • Save time because of auto-graded activities and when recording feedback orally for your students instead of typing it. 
SmartClass Integration for Google Classroom

If you are looking for a full ESL/EFL curriculum or an opportunity to supplement your English, German, or Spanish classes to give your students more speaking practice and prepare them for future proficiency tests, SmartClass Integration is exactly the tool you want to be using.

Not convinced yet? Try it with your students for free and let the Integration speak for itself!

PS: If you don't have Google Classroom, you can still use SmartClass! Contact us today to find out how you can get started with SmartClass in your language classroom!

Hannah Haase

Hannah Haase

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