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Revolutionizing language education: Stories from SmartClass Customers

by Hannah Haase on

At Robotel, we truly value our customers' experiences and aim to support each and every one of them. That's why we frequently reach out and ask for feedback and improvement ideas so we can ensure their needs are met in our future developments and projects.

Today, I want to share a few testimonials from educators and learners who have embraced SmartClass as their language teaching and learning tool. From enriched classroom interactions to individual and enhanced speaking practice opportunities, the testimonials shared in this article provide a glimpse into the profound ways in which SmartClass has redefined language education for teachers and students all over the world.

Customer Testimonials:

"The Robotel staff is very helpful and quick to respond to questions. We love that SmartClass has great practice activities and that there is a focus on listening and speaking. I also like the slideshows for vocabulary that use pictures. There are many different opportunities for students to practice vocabulary and the project ideas integrate well with what is taught in the unit."

- Kirsten Kosoff, Enlightium Academy, USA


"We've been using Robotel's SmartClass software for a few months now, and our experience has been positive. The software offers a range of interesting features that make classroom learning more dynamic.

SmartClass lets you create a variety of exercises. For each activity, grading is instantaneous and the score is displayed. Students have the option of repeating the exercise, encouraging self-correction and self-improvement.

Another feature we particularly like is the pronunciation activity. Students can listen to themselves, repeat a word or phrase and, if necessary, start again. This exercise has helped them improve their accent and pronunciation.

In addition, the teacher has a very detailed record of the results for each student, for each skill worked on, as well as the time spent on the platform. This makes it possible to keep a close eye on students' progress and identify areas where they need more help to continue improving and progressing.

Finally, the platform is constantly evolving. The SmartCass team is always available, very responsive, and attentive to our needs so as to meet our requirements as closely as possible.

Overall, I'd recommend SmartClass Robotel to teachers looking for digital tools to enhance their lessons."

- Déborah Daval, English Professor at Toronto French School 


"One of my favorite aspects of the SmartClass Teaching Platform is the videos. They are very authentic and they give students the opportunity to speak and listen more, which is something we want to focus on as language teachers."

- David Alvarez, Spanish Teacher at Enlightium Academy, USA


"We have been using the SmartClass Teaching Platform for almost 2 years now.  I really love the quantity and quality of the practice exercises. SmartClass has not only improved my Spanish teaching skills through the use of technology but also enabled my students to practice speaking and listening so much more in the target language. They also really enjoy the immediate feedback from the auto-graded activities. We chose SmartClass over other digital platforms and curricula because the program is flexible, offers a plethora of materials already created for us, and a comprehensive coverage of each thematic unit. 

I highly recommend SmartClass because of its ease of use and because it provides so much input in the target language for students."

- Janine Jenista, Spanish Teacher at Immaculate Heart Coop, Ohio, USA


"The software is easy to understand and use. It is compatible with different devices and all the units are organized according to the curriculum. It is very helpful."

- Ema López, English Teacher, Chile


"SmartClass offers appealing material to students and great technological tools to make learning and teaching more enjoyable, and they offer great teacher support!"

- Alvaro Zumbado, Language Teacher, Universidad de Costa Rica 

Hannah Haase

Hannah Haase

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