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Go live with your students, right from within SmartClass

by Melissa Arndt on

With the ability for instruction to take place outside of the classroom, teachers now are reaching students virtually and achieving the same results. If you are one of those teachers, we have a new feature for you. 

Having a Go Live feature within the SmartClass teaching platform is exciting for several reasons. Firstly, it streamlines the teaching process by allowing teachers to schedule meetings with popular platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams directly within the platform. This integration simplifies the logistics of managing online classes and provides a seamless experience for both teachers and students.

Additionally, the ability to pair and group students within the classroom through the SmartClass platform enhances collaboration and engagement during in-person sessions. Teachers can easily organize activities, discussions, and group work, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Moreover, the capability to connect with students for online learning directly from within SmartClass expands the possibilities for flexible and remote education. Whether students are attending class in person or participating remotely, teachers can effectively deliver instruction and support individualized learning needs.

Take a look at the details below:

1. The new icon/feature is located in the Account Portal right on the Class Dashboard.


SmartClass Account Portal

Go Live within SmartClass

2. When you click the Go Live option for the first time, you simply create a new session and select Google Meet or Microsoft Teams or paste an existing link that you are already using.

3. The next step is to select the correct time zone, decide how early you would like your students to enter the meeting, determine start and end times, and if the meeting repeats. 

Create a live session in SmartClass


4. When using Google, teachers can then choose the account they want to connect to and allow access to their Google calendar. Once scheduling is complete, a Go Live Meeting icon will appear in the teaching platform on both the teacher and student side.

student meeting button


5. The Account Portal will also keep records of past sessions to make it easier to update and stay connected with your students.

session overview SmartClass Go Live

In summary, the Go Live feature within SmartClass empowers educators with versatile tools to facilitate both in-person and online teaching, promoting effective communication, collaboration, and engagement in the learning process.