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Transforming language education for tailored professional development

by Melissa Arndt on

When time is limited, trying something new is often not a top priority for language teachers, which, in turn, makes it difficult for administrators and leaders to modernize instruction and offer targeted professional development sessions for their language teaching staff. That's why Robotel makes it a point to offer more than just a teaching platform. With personalized training, pedagogical mentoring, and curriculum alignment, educators are guided and supported in the use of the SmartClass Teaching Platform and Language Lab, while also learning how to effectively increase their students’ language practice and proficiency.

Personalized Training

Training serves as the cornerstone of effective teaching. It equips educators with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to create an engaging and immersive classroom experience. A well-trained educator is better prepared to engage students, cultivate critical thinking skills, and create an inclusive learning environment.

During SmartClass' training sessions, educators not only learn about the teaching platform and/or digital language lab but will get excited and inspired by all that can be done to motivate students and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each learner. 

 Transforming Language Education through Tailored Professional Development

SmartClass Academy

When other obligations make scheduling training sessions a challenge, having a self-paced course gives educators all the tools needed to get started with the SmartClass language teaching solution. In 22 lessons divided into 3 chapters, teachers will master the basics such as

  • creating and managing classes in the SmartClass platform.
  • designing professional and interactive language lessons for students.
  • using the professional digital language learning content as the full or supplemental solution.
  • teaching students how to join the class and complete activities.
  • using the full potential of audio recording, video recording, and AI technology-based pronunciation activities to significantly increase speaking practice.
  • grading and reviewing interactive activities quickly to keep track of students' performance.
  • keeping students motivated.

 Transforming Language Education through Tailored Professional Development

Pedagogical Mentoring

Pedagogical mentoring complements training by providing ongoing support and guidance tailored to individual educators. Mentors, often experienced teachers or educational leaders, serve as sounding boards, offering insights, feedback, and encouragement. This mentorship model encourages reflective practice, prompting educators to critically examine their teaching methods and adjust them based on the unique needs of their students. 

Curriculum Alignment

Curriculum alignment ensures that educational objectives, assessments, and instructional strategies are seamlessly integrated. A well-aligned curriculum is designed to scaffold learning experiences, allowing students to build on prior knowledge and skills progressively. 

Educators must be actively involved in the curriculum development process, contributing their expertise to align content with both academic standards and the needs of their students. Working together with a SmartClass educational consultant and referencing the SmartClass curriculum overview and learning objectives outlined in each chapter will ensure that educational expectations are being met.

Teaching with SmartClass technology


In the pursuit of educational excellence, the interplay of training, pedagogical mentoring, and curriculum alignment is powerful. As teachers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education, leaders must recognize and invest in these interconnected elements. By doing so, administrators create a foundation that not only supports the growth of educators but also enriches the learning experiences of students, preparing them for success in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.