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Google Classroom, Zoom, Teams or SmartClass

by Yves Martin on

There are many key differences between the SmartClass digital platform TO TEACH LANGUAGES and the Google Classroom, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams tools that are in vogue for teachers now. 


Here are the main ones and why you should pair the use of SmartClass with any of those:


 1  SmartClass has been designed for teaching languages

This is different from the other three platforms that can be characterized as General Purpose Video Conferencing Tools (GPVCT).  These are general meeting platforms, and language teachers are back to their teaching challenges, only exacerbated by the real-time digital constraints.

 2  SmartClass can be used in a synchronous and asynchronous language teaching environment

Asynchronous is critically important as students at home often share electronic device(s) with the rest of the family. This also allows extending the time spent on practicing the foreign language.

 3  SmartClass can be used remotely and in-class 

The short amount of time invested in mastering the platform will not be lost, when things return to normal.

  SmartClass offers features to practice all language domains in one single platform

No need to juggle with many tools and apps to offer your students a well-planned, comprehensive, and engaging language lesson.

  SmartClass offers 20 ready-made templates to help teachers quickly prepare interactive activities

digital activities











Activities foster writing, comprehension, listening, reading, pronunciation, and speaking skills.  Any fun activity can be prepared from scratch in 5 minutes.

  SmartClass helps you overcome the number one challenge: speaking practice time!

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines, integrated into the platform, is a clever way to have students practice speaking often. Moreover, they can listen to themselves and reflect on their own pronunciation, something impossible to do with GPVCT, or even in class.




SmartClass offers a curriculum for ENGLISH, GERMAN, and SPANISH teaching  

This content was pedagogically designed by language teachers for language teachers and is aligned with the international standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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  The optional content (English, GermanSpanish) offers hours of activities

google classroom zoom

  • More than 5,000 digital activities ready to be assigned.
  • 50% of activities are auto-graded, a valuable time-saver for teachers.
  • With auto-corrected activities, students get instant feedback on their scores when they complete the exercises.
  • Content available in English (A1 to C2), Spanish (A1, A2) and German (A1, A2).
  • A teacher handbook is provided with a structured lesson library (available for each level).

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 9  SmartClass is specifically developed for language teachers. 

It helps overcome the key challenges facing teachers: 

  •     get students to practice speaking;
  •      engage the students in their language learning process;
  •     save time creating and reviewing activities.

10  SmartClass can also be used for Live interaction between students


google classroom zoom

With the Live option, language teachers can assign activities to students in real-time during class promoting cooperative group-learning.

Conclusion: totally different BUT complementary

One important benefit of SmartClass is that it can be used with any of the conferencing tools listed above.  You do not have to choose between SmartClass and those. You can use both as the conferencing tools are very limited in what they provide language teachers and students, besides a common meeting time. SmartClass is the ideal complement to any language teacher facing typical teaching challenges that do not find a solution in Zoom, Teams, or Google Classroom.

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