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A strategic alliance to develop a digital curriculum to teach Arabic

by Yves Martin on



MAY 3, 2021

A strategic alliance to develop a digital curriculum to teach Arabic

MONTREAL, Canada - Robotel, developer of the SmartClass teaching platform and leader in the development of digital curriculum to teach various languages, and Nexus Learn Arabic, a UK based startup dedicated to change the way the Arabic language is taught online through developing standardized Arabic curriculum, are proud to announce a partnership with the explicit goal of developing an extensive and high-quality Arabic digital curriculum to be offered to teaching institutions across the world.


‘’Robotel takes pride in developing solid digital curriculum to teach languages and we feel it is important to help bridge the cultural gap between North America, Europe, and the Arabic culture, of which the language is a rich testimonial,‘’ says Mr. Yanick Demers CEO Robotel.


Adding Mr. Demers: ‘’We fully trust in the experience and abilities of Nexus Learn Arabic to help us develop the high-quality Arabic digital curriculum that our client schools are asking us across the world. A comprehensive and solid Arabic curriculum will nicely complement our current English, German, and Spanish digital content.’’


‘’We have used Robotel platform and content and we trust that their leading position within the schools market for top languages curriculum will help us position the Arabic content to be developed as the ‘’go to’’ curriculum for schools in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and North America:’’ says Mr. Jamal al Tamimi, CEO Nexus Learn Arabic.


One next key step for the two partners is to actively look for financing opportunities to complete the full Arabic digital curriculum. ‘’We are currently entertaining opportunities for financing and strategic partnerships to help us achieve the goal of bringing best-in-class Arabic curriculum to schools,’’ adds Mr. Tamimi. The partners aim to complete the curriculum in 2022. Download the PDF Version in English.

Download the PDF Version in Arabic