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Spanish 2 textbook with auto-graded activities

by Hannah Haase on

Our Spanish 2 textbook is finally here! Take a look inside this supplemental textbook with an accompanying digital platform that encourages your students to speak and helps them improve their listening skills. Three hundred eighty-five activities, of which almost half are automatically graded for the teacher, are waiting to be assigned to students.


A2 Spanish textbook

The Spanish 2 textbook is part of the series “Espanol - Hablar Y Escuchar” by SmartClass. It is written by Spanish teachers for Spanish teachers. The authors know the daily struggles of teachers and what every teacher dreams of. So they compiled it for you in one supplemental Spanish curriculum series that focuses on listening and speaking activities. Find out more about the Spanish 1 textbook.

Spanish 2 textbook

Based on the CEFR, this Spanish 2 textbook focuses on six general topics in six chapters with three sections each.

Spanish 2 textbook


Teachers get a comprehensive teacher handbook with answer keys and valuable tips and tricks.


Students don’t need a workbook because the activities are already created in the accompanying digital language learning platform. All you need to do is select the activities you want your students to do, assign them, and let them do their work. Students can work on assignments in class, at home, or on the go. About 50% of activities are automatically graded, so you can focus on listening to the recordings that your students are asked to do. Having a lot of the grading done for you lets you focus on your students' spoken output and drive them forward in their speaking journey.


Spanish 2 textbook


All of the activities you see in the teacher handbook are already created for you to assign to your students in the corresponding platform called “SmartClass Hub.”



As this is a supplemental resource to engage students inside and outside of class, the focus lies in many speaking and listening activities. Grammar is not a focus, but an overview helps you decide which grammar concepts are needed for every chapter section.

Spanish 2 textbook


Spanish 2 textbook

You will find the necessary vocabulary for each chapter/section in vocabulary lists, which also come with recordings of each word and phrase. Thus, students have the chance to listen to and repeat each word as often as they want until they are confident and comfortable with the pronunciation of each word. 

Spanish 2 textbook


There are also flashcard activities to review the words in their native language, read and listen to the words in context, look at images, and practice pronunciation. Artificial intelligence takes care of grading and correcting students, giving them more and more chances to practice pronunciation and get comfortable using Spanish in real life. 

Spanish Pronunciation Activity 2


You are not limited to these activities, though. There are 20 different templates that you can choose from to create an assignment with your already-existing materials. Do you have a video, text, or image you love and want to use in an activity? No problem! Upload the media file as an image or PDF and create a Multiple Choice/Fill-in-the-blank, Category Match...activity with it. The platform will automatically grade this activity for you from here on out, and it’s there for you to reassign year after year.

activity templates

While it seems overwhelming to think about yet another supplemental resource, I believe that this one is the last you will ever need. You can be super creative with the activities created already and slowly import and switch to more of your materials to be housed in the SmartClass HUB. With the automatic grading capability, you will save hours and hours of grading, freeing you to listen to your students’ recordings and give them individual feedback. You will see your students become more comfortable, confident, and engaged because you provide them with so many opportunities to speak, listen, and work with authentic materials daily. 

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