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ESL listening and speaking activities to try in your classroom
By Hannah Haase on March 8, 2021

Even before COVID turned the world (of teaching) upside down, there was an abundance of teaching platforms out there. Some were specifically designed to support certain subject areas,...

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Digital Language Teaching Content

ESL curriculum: Why you should switch to Let's Talk! English
By Yanick Demers on February 25, 2021

Changing your ESL curriculum takes a lot of time. But before you can start that process, you often need to justify such change and convince colleagues, mentors, or superiors.

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Language teaching technology

The best online teaching platform: SmartClass
By Aldo Valdenegro on February 19, 2021

SmartClass is the best online teaching platform where teachers can create, manage, and assign interactive activities. Language teachers can prepare their lessons and teach from home or at...

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Testimonial from the University of Costa Rica
By Allen Quesada on February 17, 2021

The University of Costa Rica takes language learning to the ''cloud'' to benefit more than 3,000 students. As of April 2021, students at the University of Costa Rica will have the...

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I may not be an EDUTAINER, but the work I do is EDUTAINING!
By Professor Green on January 13, 2021

Nowadays, all parents and students feel the need to have an entertaining experience when in the classroom. If you have not already heard the term Edutainer, this will enlighten you. The...

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Language teaching technology

Google classroom, zoom, teams or SmartClass
By Yves Martin on January 12, 2021

There are many key differences between the SmartClass digital platform TO TEACH LANGUAGES and the Google Classroom, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams tools that are in vogue for teachers now. 

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Using technology in teaching
By Professor Green on December 17, 2020

I want our students to practice. I know that they can access an app for translating their words into another language. Students already have all the shortcuts. There’s an app for...

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Language teaching technology Digital Language Teaching Content

ESL activities that are possible in the SmartClass HUB
By Hannah Haase on December 16, 2020

As a language teacher, I was always looking for new ESL activities to keep learning fun and engaging for my students. As a student myself, I hated nothing more than the constant...

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A New Normal for Language Teaching
By Professor Green on December 10, 2020

A new normal is upon us and we are taking the time to figure things out. The forced pandemic was unprecedented, and people had to stop and react without really thinking about how they could...

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SmartClass Updates and News

All our names & acronyms explained: SmartClass, Hub, Live...
By Hannah Haase on December 3, 2020


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