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Professor Green

Professor Green is a language teacher and loves to engage students with the newest technology available. Professor Green knows how to speak 5 languages and wants to share easy-to-use solutions for all language teachers.
I may not be an EDUTAINER, but the work I do is EDUTAINING!
By Professor Green on January 13, 2021

Nowadays, all parents and students feel the need to have an entertaining experience when in the classroom. If you have not already heard the term Edutainer, this will enlighten you. The...

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Using technology in teaching
By Professor Green on December 17, 2020

I want our students to practice. I know that they can access an app for translating their words into another language. Students already have all the shortcuts. There’s an app for...

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A New Normal for Language Teaching
By Professor Green on December 10, 2020

A new normal is upon us and we are taking the time to figure things out. The forced pandemic was unprecedented, and people had to stop and react without really thinking about how they could...

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