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Lindsey Klein

Lindsey was a German teacher for 13 years before becoming a part of the Robotel team. Never satisfied with the textbook options she had for her classroom, Lindsey was constantly writing, reflecting, and re-writing her curriculum for every level of the German language. Only because of this experience was she able to dream up the idea of a full language lab curriculum. This has been a work of passion, experience, and reflection. She wants to change the way students learn a language so that it is more active and authentic where the student is constantly engaged and reflecting on his/her language experience.

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Combining a student book with a digital platform and interactive ESL curriculum
By Lindsey Klein on January 2, 2023

As a teacher, I both hated and loved student workbooks. I liked that there were activities already set up for me that I could easily give my students to do (in class or at home).  However,...

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