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Candice Bland

Candice Bland, PhD., Metalinguistics, is a former Spanish/ ESL teacher of 18 years as well as Supervisor of Bilingual/ESL & World Languages from her home state of New Jersey. Candice has spent her career leveraging instructional technology to enhance her lessons, provide assessment simulation for her students, had an average AP rating of 4.5, and awarded over 1200 students the Seal of Biliteracy.

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How does SmartClass size up to common curricular requirements?
By Candice Bland on May 9, 2023

The SmartClass L2 instructional and learning platform/content is cutting-edge software fused with a theoretical grounding in ACTFL’s & WIDA’s Language Proficiency Guidelines. Many teachers...

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Financing Curricular Resources with T3 Federal Funding
By Candice Bland on December 19, 2022

Looking for comprehensive and transformative software that enhances multilingual learners' English language learning? Look no further! Robotel’s SmartClass language learning platform and ...

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Language teaching technology Tips for language teachers Digital Language Teaching Content

Leveraging Robotel's SmartClass to shift L2 acquisition
By Candice Bland on November 15, 2022

Language teachers have all nostalgically reflected on their journeys in language learning.  Whether they are a native speaker or not, every second language teacher was once a language...

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Tips for language teachers

How to engage students in foreign language lessons
By Candice Bland on October 31, 2022

Asking myself as a teacher, “were my students engaged throughout the entire lesson” is one of those subconscious/metaphysical aspects of delivering instruction. I wholeheartedly believe...

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