I may not be an EDUTAINER, but the work I do is EDUTAINING!

By Professor Green on January, 13 2021

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Professor Green

Professor Green is a language teacher and loves to engage students with the newest technology available. Professor Green knows how to speak 5 languages and wants to share easy-to-use solutions for all language teachers.

Nowadays, all parents and students feel the need to have an entertaining experience when in the classroom. If you have not already heard the term Edutainer, this will enlighten you. The definition of Edutainer is someone who teaches while entertaining their students or audience. A blend of 'education and entertainer'. Although it seems fun and has potential, what happens to most entertainers is, “You’re hot one minute and not the next”. Most educators are natural born enthusiasts. But edutainers? That might be pushing it for some.

Super Interesting Lessons!

With the growing number of students expecting to be entertained in a classroom, it is no wonder why teachers are exhausted when they get home. A teacher is not only an educator, a mentor, a leader… Now they need to add a full-time comedian if they want to be popular and get students to learn? There is a solution to this, if the content you are teaching is already fun and engaging, you do not have to be “on” all the time. 

You can make a lesson SUPER interesting and interactive without having to YouTube tips from David Copperfield. What you need is a lesson plan that engages the students and lets them have fun with it on their own. For example: Asking students to film a weather report in a foreign language. It does not sound exciting... yet! How about asking students to record themselves in Spanish presenting the weather in a public place and using props? All they need is their cell phone and a good pair of headphones with a mic. Maybe a ‘sombrero’ or ‘paraguas’.

A very edutaining concept.

Now THAT would be entertaining to grade! Imagine if grading could be fun for the teacher, too. Students re-record it multiple times, until they are ready to hand it in and in just minutes, you can review it and send back a grade with your personal written or verbal comments. How encouraging is it to get them handed in instantly and grade them as they come in? SmartClass gives students the possibility to record themselves and to self-assess their work before handing it in. Imagine how many mistakes students could catch on their own if they had the chance to listen to something they recorded or look over their answers. Empowering students to take ownership for their own learning is not an easy lesson to teach, but yet I see it happen time and again with my students using SmartClass. Practice, motivation, and reflection all happens without them even realizing it. I would say, a successful trick! And the best part is…. it doesn’t take an edutainer to use SmartClass.

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