A New Normal for Language Teaching

By Professor Green on December, 10 2020

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Professor Green

Professor Green is a language teacher and loves to engage students with the newest technology available. Professor Green knows how to speak 5 languages and wants to share easy-to-use solutions for all language teachers.

A new normal is upon us and we are taking the time to figure things out. The forced pandemic was unprecedented, and people had to stop and react without really thinking about how they could continue their day-to-day operations. In the education world, all decisions you make affect each student and teacher. Once these decisions are made and put into action, they are then scrutinized by parents, the school board, and peers. I know of a great teaching solution that can help with that, SmartClass©. Although it is niche to language teachers, this product is quite versatile and can help students and teachers inside and outside the classroom.

There is something better than Zoom!

Let’s take Melissa as an example. She is a German language teacher and is looking for a good tool to keep her students speaking in the target language daily. How can she do that? Through Zoom? Perhaps, except, all the other kids must wait their turn and as the teacher, she must keep them motivated to listen, speak, and stay engaged while everyone gets their turn. 

I am sure you have been through a similar situation or this may very well describe what you are currently going through. SmartClass helps you stay in close communication with each student individually and will give you the necessary tools to teach inside and outside of the classroom. No more books. No more excuses. No more waiting.

Auto-graded activities to make your life easier.

Gone are the days where textbooks were paramount in the classroom to learn. Right now, you have access to hundreds of activities in various languages that can help set up your class. You can build your own activities if you do not like the ones provided to you… and they only take minutes to create. (Some say seconds). If you don’t have time, know in confidence that the activities were created BY teachers FOR teachers to use with their students. And with 50% auto graded, you can use your time to grade the activities that really need your attention. Gone are the days of monotonous learning as there are a wide variety of activity types. There are Word and Sentence Jumbles, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Multiple Choice, Pronunciation, Recording activities, and so many more.

Is this for real?

I know what you are thinking… and the answer is, YES. Yes, this is exactly what you have been searching for. Your students will have PLENTY of practice with different types of recordings and pronunciation activities. The more they speak, the more successful they will be with the language. You, as their teacher, can provide oral or written feedback for each activity to evaluate them accordingly. All they really need is a device and a good pair of headphones with a microphone.

A hero's sidekick!

If you are not yet convinced, try it. FREE. With content. Choose ready-made activities, see how your students will use it and delight in how much time it helps you save in building your curriculum, prepping your lessons, and grading your student work. The available content helps you build upon the lessons you have taught or will be teaching. SmartClass eases your schedule during these unprecedented times but also helps you through a regular day of teaching. You will feel relieved to have it as your sidekick now and for the years to come. I know I am.

Trust the process, with SmartClass.

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