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8 Reasons Why You Should Use SmartClass

By Aldo Valdenegro on February, 19 2021

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Aldo Valdenegro

SmartClass is an all-in-one language teaching platform where teachers can create, manage, and assign interactive activities. Language teachers can prepare their lessons and teach from home or at school. Teachers and students can access the content 24/7 anywhere, at any time, and with any device.

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1. SmartClass is very straightforward and easy to use. 

With SmartClass, management of students, sharing of learning materials, activity assignments, and grading are all in one place and are much easier to manage.


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2. SmartClass helps students to practice all language skills. 

Students’ speaking practice-time can be increased significantly by using audio recording, video recording and AI technology-based pronunciation exercises.



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3. SmartClass is an innovative technology that works. 

Teachers upload their video, audio, image, or PDF files or author their own text, voice, or video files, and create their individual activities using any of the 20 interactive templates available.


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4. SmartClass: you're in control! 

SmartClass gives teachers command over what activities they assign and what students do. They can monitor students’ progress, assess, or grade their work, and provide oral or written feedback.



Untitled_Artwork 405. SmartClass provides high-quality content in English, German, and Spanish

The courses are based on the CEFR standards and consist of a media library with authentic, varied, and well-organized activities including pronunciation, audio, and video recording, listening, writing, reading, conversations, projects, and quizzes.



Untitled_Artwork 316. SmartClass is an affordable and modular solution.

Through an affordable subscription, teachers can have access to SmartClass Content in three languages. Teachers can also access LIVE management tools for in-class activities, such as presentations, monitoring students’ work, and conversations in pairs or groups.


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7. SmartClass is a time-saver.
The ready-made content helps teachers to SAVE TIME. They can choose from over 5,000 different relatable activities that teachers can assign to their students in seconds. Additionally, 50% of the exercises include automatic grading.


Untitled_Artwork 338. SmartClass enhances formative assessment.

SmartClass provides and enhances self-learning and formative assessment. Students can practice speaking by using three recording templates. All audio and video activities are recorded by native speakers to model authentic pronunciation. AI capabilities give students immediate feedback enabling them to really reflect on their learning.

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